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Frequently Asked Questions

If you find any professional acting in a manner that is contrary to the information above, please report your concerns to a trusted vet.


Microchip Registries

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Fido operates two pet microchip registries:

  • Certified Registry: exclusively for dogs and approved by the Irish government
  • Standard Registry: for cats, rabbits, birds, tortoises, ferrets and any other pet that is not a dog

Fido has provided chip registration services since 2004 and is used by most vets in Ireland. Fido's team comprises veterinary and technology experts, administrative and clerical staff.

Fido charges a small fee for registration and certification. If your dog is being microchipped and registered through your vet, the Fido registration fee is included in your vet's overall fee. If your dog's microchip is not already on the Certified Registry, you must attend your vet to process the registration.

Microchipped dogs without registration and/or certification should be evaluated by Fido staff using the ChipCheck service. Normal registration fees apply, though in some cases discounts will apply. Fido staff will advise you of the applicable fee by return email.

There is no fee for relinquishing dog ownership to a new owner. The new dog owner will incur an all-in change-of-ownership fee of €15.00.

Cats etc.: The fee for self-registration of cats, rabbits etc. on the Standard Registry is €15.00 payable online via credit/debit card, or a registration voucher code supplied by your vet. Participating vets can also register pets to the Standard Registry using their dedicated Fido Portal. The initial Standard Registry fee is a one-off, and there are no further fees for the lifetime of the pet, even if the pet gets a new owner.

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QUICK CHIP CHECKCheck your pet's chip

Check our system here to see if we know your pet's chip

Chip ID:

15 digits

You can also check with EuroPetNet to see if the chip is known to any other EPN registries in Europe. EPN gets an overnight update from Fido every 24 hours.

In addition to being known by a government-recognised registry, dog chips must also be certified.

You can read about dog microchip certification elsewhere on this page, including our FAQ section.


Registration of dog microchips is done through your vet.

If your dog is not microchipped, take it to the vet as soon as possible.

If you are not sure the chip is known to Fido you can use the quick chip check service on this page.

If you have an official Fido Certificate in your hand you can verify that the certificate is genuine and up-to-date. If you have an Internet-enabled phone with a QR scanner, you can use that too.

If you are not sure if/where your dog is registered/certified, fill in the form to ask Fido staff to do a complete check for you. This could take a few days to complete.

If you have an uncertified dog on the old Fido Standard Registry (pre-2016) then use the ChipCheck form to contact us for assistance.

Certification is now a legal requirement.

Remember, in addition to being microchipped, dogs are legally* required to have their chips certified and owners must possess an up-to-date certificate.

* Microchipping of Dogs Regulations 2015 (PDF)

STANDARD REGISTRYCats, birds, rabbits, tortoises and other pets

Registration of cats can be done online by you, or through your vet.

Fido's Standard Registry remains available for cats, birds, ferrets and many other pets that can have an implanted microchip. Fido is not just for dogs!

The Standard Registry, like the Certified Registry (for dogs), will assist in the reunification of lost or stolen pets, and in most cases includes registration with EuroPetNet.

Unlike the Certified Registry (for dogs), the Standard Registry allows pet owners to make their own changes to the registered information at any time without any further fees.

Once you have registered your cat, bird or other pet (not a dog) with the Standard Registry, you and any subsequent owners of the pet can edit the information at any time for free. You are not legally required to have a certificate for a chip in the Standard Registry, though you can download one from the portal if you wish.

If your cat, bird or other pet (not a dog) has been microchipped then register now. If the implanting vet gave you a chip number AND a Fido registration code then your registration fee is already included. Otherwise you pay online for registration via Debit/Credit card.

Alternatively, most vets in Ireland can register your pet with Fido on your behalf.

Just want to check?

If you think your pet's chip is on our system and want to be sure, you can do a quick chip check on this page.

VeriPet MemberVeriPet

Microchip verification of pets for sale online

VeriPet Member

Fido is a member of VeriPet, the pan-European service that enables online buyers to confirm that the microchip of an advertised pet has been verified.

The VeriPet technology was developed by Fido in partnership with EuroPetNet and is now available across Europe to a growing number of online retailers and microchip repositories.

Sites that sell microchipped pets online can request the selling owner to interactively verify their pet's chip with the relevant registry. This involves the owner submitting their chip registration credentials and proving they control the registered contact details (phone or email). A successfully verified chip will result in a Verification Link being included in the online advertisement. Potential buyers can click the link to confirm that the verification remains valid.

Verification links become invalid if the registered details of the pet change since the date of validation, or if the links have passed their expiry date.

Fido currently supports VeriPet only for dogs, but will expand the service to all species if there is sufficient demand.

Lost or Found pets

Helping lost pets is why Fido is here.

Have you lost a pet or perhaps found an animal that might be a lost pet? Fido has advice to offer in both cases.

If you represent an animal rescue or welfare organisation and you have a Fido search account, log in using your UIC and password to search the Fido repository.

If you do not have a Fido search account, use EuroPetNet to determine which registry has the most recent details of the pet's owner, and contact the registry administrator (through a vet if necessary).


Fido is the DSPCA's chip registry

All new microchip implants performed by the DSPCA are registered with Fido.

Dogs whose chips were previously recorded by DSPCA have been transitioned to Fido, and owners were contacted during 2016 to arrange certification.

If you received a phone message from Fido and have concerns about the data presented, you can write to Fido at the postal address below or contact the DSPCA.

Pre-2015 Registrations

By law, all dogs need Certificates of Registration, including those that were registered with Fido before the law was introduced.

Fido made contact with most dog owners who were registered before September 2015 to enable them obtain the necessary Certificates.

You may have receive a message from Fido by email or phone with regard to your dog's registration.

Being registered on Fido is not enough to be compliant with the law. It is necessary to ensure that all the legally required information is present and correct, and the registry (Fido) can then issue a Certificate to this effect. Dog owners must be in possession of this official Certificate in order to be compliant with the law. The first/front page of a Fido-issued certifying document is the legal Certificate, and it is accompanied by guidance on how to change ownership if needed. Fido offers high-quality silver-embossed Certificates that can also be used to proceed a change of ownership by post.

Pre-2015 customers: We announced the intended closure of the old system in December 2016, and one year later it finally closed. Anyone who had active accounts on the old system will still be able to access the details on any registered pet via the Standard Registry. This includes uncertified dogs. Upon login you will be asked for details to assist with obtaining your dog's certificate. All certified dogs will be on the Certified Registry and you can log in there using the details from your official Certificate.

Royal Canin dog and cat food offer

The Royal Canin offer is operated by Royal Canin and is intended for new pet owners (i.e. not breeders). Fliers for the offer are distributed with most certificates from Fido.

Wait until the day after your Certificate is delivered as chip codes will not be accepted by Royal Canin until the registration is at least 24 hours old.


When you get your Certificate, visit to claim your free food from Royal Canin. You will need your certified chip number in order to claim.


Registration for cats does not involve a Certificate, so in this case just wait until the day after registration with Fido before claiming your food voucher from Royal Canin.

Terms and conditions:

The Royal Canin offer only applies once per certified chip, so be advised that a previous owner of your pet may have already claimed from Royal Canin.

The full terms and conditions of the "Fido Offer" are described online by Royal Canin UK

Royal Canin operates a separate programme for dog breeders, so Fido generally sends details of the Royal Canin offer to the first long-term registered owner when the Certificate is delivered to that owner. The day after registration, Royal Canin will be ready to accept the 15 digit chip number to approve your free food voucher.

Fido staff have no ability to control the Royal Canin website or any offer thereon, and cannot intercede on behalf of owners. If you are experiencing issues, such as confusion about who stocks their product, visit Royal Canin's FAQ page.

Vets, veterinary nurses etc. joining Fido's team

Join the team!

Are you a vet surgeon/nurse registered with the VCI ? If so, sign up with Fido to obtain your UIC.

Only registered vets, nurses and specially trained individuals with UICs assigned by Fido can avail of Fido's chip registration services. UICs are assigned by Fido to individual qualifying applicants for use only by those people. UICs are non-transferable and must not be used by other vets/nurses, even those in the same veterinary practice. VCI credentials are checked with the Veterinary Council before a UIC is issued.

While almost all implanters are veterinary professionals, Fido has also trained some lay implanters to implant and register microchips.

Fido also has facilities to support vets in Northern Ireland who have clients keeping dogs in the ROI. For information, please write to Fido.

EuroPetNet Member
Email: h e l p d e s k  AT  f i d o  DOT  i e
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