Chip Check

Quick Check - does Fido know you?

Quickly check your dog's microchip details

If you do not have an official Certificate of Registration but your dog has a microchip and you know the chip number, the Fido staff can comprehensively check the details that may be stored in Fido and/or other databases and will contact you to explain what you need to do to get your legally required Certificate of Registration.
Please remember that checking by Fido staff is done manually and may involve making phone calls and/or checking of documentation. The "quick check" below is the start of the process where Fido staff determine what needs to be done. You may need to pay a small fee to continue the rest of the process, which involves the aforemention calls etc., and then your certificate will be sent via the post. Fido aims to complete the process within 10 working days of payment arriving (with seasonal adjustments) and your patience is appreciated.
Note: if your mobile phone was registered with the DSPCA and you received a link via text message, use that link instead of this form to ensure you get a certificate at the discount rate.

ChipCheck by Fido

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 How to contact you regarding your dog or cert
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Repeat requests for the same chip are not accepted. Original requests are queued for processing by Fido staff, who will contact you by email regarding the next steps.

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