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Advice for people who have lost a pet

First, and most important, if your pet is a dog and you have an official Fido Certificate of Registration, log in using the 5 digit PIN at the bottom of the certificate. Once there, you will find a feature to change the status of your dog to "lost". This means that anyone possessing a chip scanner will be able to determine immediately that they are dealing with a lost dog if they encounter your dog. Remember to log back in later to reset the status after your dog has (hopefully) been found.

Microchips help when someone finds your pet

The microchip in your pet can be scanned by a vet or animal welfare person, such as a dog warden, dog pound operator, guard or other trained individual. Within minutes of performing a scan, your contact details will be available to the person dealing with your pet. The microchip scanner and access to the Fido database is only available to authorised people, such as the vet. Therefore you may have to wait until your pet is brought to someone in authority.

Meanwhile we suggest that you stay by the phone. If you have changed address or phone number since you registered with Fido, and have forgotten to update the details, do so immediately. It is hard to trace a pet owner if the contact details are out of date.

Microchips are not like a Sat Nav

The microchip is not a tracking device. Such a device would be a large box strapped to the animal, containing a satellite receiver and a transmitter, and some large batteries. These are the things you may have heard about that are used to track endangered wild animals. Your pet does not have one of these attached. Instead, there is a tiny chip embedded under the skin of your pet. This chip does nothing until somebody with a scanner gets close. The scanner transmits a little bit of energy to the chip, and the chip responds with a unique code number. This number, the chip ID, is registered with Fido. The person with the scanner can then ask Fido for more information about the ID. In return, Fido will supply your contact details. Hopefully this explains why microchipping is not an instant "find my pet" solution. Nevertheless, it is the perfect way to return your pet once it has been found. It is certainly better than a name tag or collar that can be dislodged or damaged. It is also better than having your dog rehomed, or put to sleep, because the finders could not determine the pet's owner. And unlike other identification solutions, a microchip cannot be removed without complex surgery.

While you are waiting...

If your pet has strayed, try to visit the territory it normally explores. Leave its favourite food somewhere that it may visit, though be aware that other animals may be attracted to the food. Contact your local vet or pound. While you are out searching, make sure someone is at home in case your pet returns unaided.

If a stranger phones you to say they have your pet, ask that they bring it to a vet and to give your phone number to the vet. You are advised not to divulge your address or to arrange to meet the person privately. Unfortunately, offering rewards can encourage unsavoury persons to steal or kidnap pets. If you are considering a reward, speak to the local vet, warden or people in authority first.

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