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Welcome to Fido's Standard Registry

Add a pet: if you have a cat, bird or other pet (other than a dog) that you want to register in Fido's Standard Registry.
View/Edit: if you already have a pet (other than a recently registered dog) in Fido's Standard Registry and want to view or edit the information.
If you have a dog in Fido's Standard Registry (i.e. it was registered before the introduction of the new Regulations) then you will be offered the option to review the information and request an official Certificate of Registration. This will be offered at a discount rate, and once certified, your dog's details will be transferred to the Certified Registry.

Why are dogs no longer accepted in the Standard Registry?

New regulations mean that all dogs must now be recorded on a Government-approved Certified Database, with the aid of a registrar (usually a vet) and an official printed certificate sent to the owner by post.
The new regulations also require additional information about the dog be collected, that certain information cannot be changed (even by the owner) except with the assistance of a registrar, and that certain actions (such as transfer of ownership) cannot take place without the paperwork from the database provider.
Fido's Certified Microchip Registry is a Government-approved Database for the purpose of dog microchip registration.
Because of the legal status of Fido's Certified Registry, it is required to operate under completely different rules, which are unlike the more relaxed operation of the Standard Registry. Fido's Standard Registry is suitable for cats, birds and other pets and allows you to edit more information whenever you want. It also has a simple free ownership transfer process.
So, if you are registering a cat, bird, ferret, rabbit or other such pet, the Standard Registry is for you. If you are registering a dog, you should see your vet who will be the registrar to get your dog onto Fido's Certified Registry.
If in doubt, ask your vet.

Add a pet to Fido's Standard Registry

Use the form below to register a cat, bird, rabbit, ferret or any pet (other than a dog).

Paying for this service?

You can pay for this service using a once-off Registration Code from a Fido Standard Registry form (supplied by vets), or you can pay online via credit or debit card. You can also visit your local vet (most vets are official Fido registrars) for a confirmation scan and registration if you prefer not to use the online service.
The registration code is on Fido's paper form. Do not confuse this with the chip number.
do not enter a chip number here
You will be asked to complete a credit/debit card payment at the end of this form.

Identity and access

see the barcode or other official correspondence
important details are sent here
set your password here to allow future access choose a better password
repeat your password, to be absolutely sure

Pet details

YYYY-MM-DD (a guess will do)
YYYY-MM-DD impossible!
where the pet is kept, if different from the owner's address

Owner's details

Your contact details are given to animal welfare organisations and other authorised persons if they enquire about the specific chip number, which would normally happen when a lost pet is given to one of these organisations. The microchip is useless unless the information below is accurate.
county (and optional postcode)
Please include at least one telephone number for contact in the event of a lost pet being found
at least one phone number must be supplied


When you are satisfied that the above information is correct, please conclude the registration by authorising a payment.
You are using registration code {{regcode}} to pay for this registration. If the code is incorrect or has already been used, you will have to start over.
You have opted to pay for registration using a credit or debit card. Fee: 15.00

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