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if you have a cat, bird or other pet (other than a dog) that you want to register in Fido's Standard Registry.
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Use the form below to register a cat, bird, rabbit, ferret or any pet (other than a dog).

Ways to pay

We accept:
payment cardsDebit/Credit cards (PSD2-SCA compliant)
####-####Fido Registration Code (entitles you to one free registration)
Without a registration code, the fee is €15.00. Collar tags are available at additional cost. Fees (if any) are payable after you have completed the registration form below.

Identity and access

see the barcode or other official correspondence
important details are sent here
set a password ( Choose a better password )
repeat your password, to be absolutely sure

Pet details

YYYY-MM-DD (a guess will do)
YYYY-MM-DD impossible!
Optional. Where pet is kept, if different from the owner's address below.

Owner's details

Your contact details are given to animal welfare organisations and other authorised persons if they enquire about the specific chip number, which would normally happen when a lost pet is given to one of these organisations. The microchip is useless unless the information below is accurate.
Please include at least one telephone number for contact in the event of a lost pet being found
at least one phone number must be supplied

Collar tags

We have many high-quality laser-engraved collar tags to offer, €10.00 for one tag with custom engraving. For an extra €5.00 we will include a duplicate of your chosen tag.

Choose a collar tag and enter your engraving.
These are high-quality collar tags with attachment and precision laser-engraved text of your choice. Your chosen custom engraved collar tag is yours for €10.00

I've changed my mind, I don't want a tag


if valid code supplied, registration is free do not enter a chip number
Fido Registration Codes are supplied via selected vets/implanters, and included in the cost of their microchipping services.
Order summary:
Register {{pet.chipid}}
with code {{regcode}}
Register chip {{pet.chipid}} 15.00
Collar tag ({{ct.tag}}), engraved 10.00
Spare collar tag, exactly as above 5.00
Free cat food offer from Royal Canin free
If the information you have entered is correct, click "Register" below.

payment cards
To proceed further, you must complete the form above.

Privacy and data protection

By completing and submitting this form you are giving your consent for the data you have entered to be used in the manner described on this page.

Thank you

Thank you for registering chip {{chipid}} with Fido.
Your tags will be delivered soon by post after engraving and quality checks.
Please allow two working days for your cat's eligibility for the Royal Canin free food offer to be confirmed. Then visit the Fido home page and follow the instructions listed under "Royal Canin".
You can now log into your new account if you would like to check or update any information.
(This one time we will prefill the login details for you.)

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