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New Customer (Owner Registration)

Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions of the Fido service.

Step 1 (of 2)

On this page, you are registering yourself as a pet owner. When this is complete, you can then register your pet. The account is free, but to register a pet, you must either pay a registration fee or have a 6 Character registration code entitling your pet to registration. You can get these codes from either of the following:

  1. the implanting vet as proof of your payment for the Fido service
  2. the existing Fido owner of the pet, as part of ownership transfer

Owners registered with Fido can do any of the following:

  • Add (register) a new pet.
  • Change your personal details.
  • Change the details of any of your registered pets.
  • Transfer the ownership of one of your pets to another Fido user.

If a registered pet is found, the implanted microchip will help to identify the registered pet owner. We need accurate contact details to ensure we can contact you if your pet is found.

Note: Fido will use your email address as your unique 'user name'.

Please take time to complete all of the fields in the form below.

Email address *
Password ***
Confirm password ***
Your first name *
Your surname *
1st (home) phone number *
2nd (work) phone number *
Home address *
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Third party name
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by clicking this you will go to Step 2 to enter the pet details.

 All fields marked * must be completed.


  • Your email address will become your Fido user name.
  • Choose your own Fido password, with at least 8 letters. The letters will not be shown as you type them, so we ask that you type the password twice (in the two boxes) to be sure that you don't make a mistake.
  • Telephone numbers should include region numbers, but no hyphens or other punctuation. Example: 019876543.
  • A zero can be used to indicate "no phone number", but you must supply at least one telephone number (home, work or mobile).
  • The "third party" is an alternative contact, in case we can't get in touch with you when your pet is found.
  • The information you provide here is used only by Fido for the purpose of maintaining a record of the ownership of pets with implanted microchips.
  • Please use a real email address. Some Fido-related information (such as confirmation of ownership transfer) is conveyed to you via email.
  • Transfers: These are free for both the giving and receiving pet owners if conducted online via Fido.
  • ***A confirmation message will be emailed to you, and this will contain your initial password in plain text. You can change the password later, and if you also add a password 'hint' then only the hint will be emailed in future correspondence.
  • Any assistance that you might receive from a vet or other professional is beyond the control of Fido, and these people are entitled to charge a fee for their services. Please check in advance. The online services of Fido allow owners to register themselves, or edit their ownership status, free of charge. Fees are only collected with respect to the provision of microchips and the initial storage of data with respect to any individual microchip.
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