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New Customer (Owner Registration)

Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions of the Fido service.

First step - registering yourself

On this page, you are registering yourself as a pet owner.

When this is complete, you can then register your pet. The account is free, but to register a pet, you must either pay a registration fee or have a 6 Character registration code entitling you to a free pet registration.

A code entitling you to a free registration can be obtained from:

  1. the implanting vet as proof of your payment for the Fido service
  2. the existing Fido owner of the pet, as part of ownership transfer

Without a registration code you will be required to pay a small fee when registering your pet.

Registered owners can do any of the following:

  • Add (register) a new pet.
  • Change your personal details.
  • Change the details of any of your registered pets.
  • Transfer the ownership of one of your pets to another Fido user.
  • Purchase discount collar tags for registered pets.

If a registered pet is found, the implanted microchip will help to identify the registered pet owner. We need accurate contact details to ensure you can be contacted if your pet is found.

Note: Fido will use your email address as your unique 'user name'.

Before proceeding, please complete the following simple puzzle so Fido knows you are a real person:

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