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Dogs Trust Cert Amnesty


Free certs for one week only, for dogs that are registered but not yet certified. See

SMS campaign


Fido will be sending text messages to owners who registered before the 2015 Regulations came into force, so that they can verify their details and apply for a Certificate of Registration. This only applies to dogs that are on the Fido system but whose registered details have not yet been certified.

Email campaign


Fido will be sending emails to registered dog owners who were registered before the new regulations were introduced, so that they can confirm their details and request a legal Certificate of Registration.

New dog chipping regulations


Irish government regulations MODR 2015 have come into force. All pups must be chipped and registered on an approved database (e.g. Fido). All dogs of any age must be registered on approved databases from March 2016. Certificates of Compliance must be issued to owners of registered dogs, confirming that all government-required data is registered. All new chipping and registrations must be conducted by VCI-approved people (e.g. vets).

Self-registration of dogs on Fido is no longer allowed. To register a dog on Fido, go through your vet and be sure you receive a signed copy of the completed registration form. Fido will send Certificates of Compliance by post to the registered owners once the vet confirms the details.

Existing (pre-regulations) dogs on Fido can be certified without the assistance of a vet if the owner edits the recorded data online to provide enough information for certification, and pays the very small fee (covering admin, printing and post).

Re-registration is now possible


Owners now have the option to re-register online a pet that may already registered to a previous owner (such as a breeder). A Fido administrator moderates re-reg requests on a case-by-case basis within a few days.

NMC 2014


Fido is gearing up to support the National Chipping Month in September. For more details, visit

New site


The Fido site has been redesigned to better serve customers, and to provide the basis for planned new features.

More tags


New registrations of dogs or cats will now be offered an extended selection of collar tags courtesy of The Pet Tag Store, at a discount price compared to the normal retail price of these tags.

We will be extending a similar service to existing registered pets in the new year.
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