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Our Philosophy

Our objective is to provide an essential service to the Community. Every day pets are lost, stolen or stray. How many "lost pet" signs have you seen? Tragically, thousands of pets never make it back home with some of these euthanized only because they are not identified as being someone's pet. Now you can join over a hundred thousand responsible pet owners in Ireland and over forty one million across Europe that have identified their pets with a microchip and registered with and our partners in EuroPetNet. We believe that increasing the number of animals enrolled in will protect more owners from loss of their pets. The essence of our operating strategy is our commitment to a superior service. Working with Veterinarians, Local Authority Pounds and Welfare Organisations and focusing on identification and recovery of animals by promoting microchipping in association with the provision of a database of the highest standard is our main method of achieving our goal of no animal ever being put to sleep without the owner's knowledge and consent.

Our Service was founded in 2004 to help reunite lost pets with their owners by providing a 24-hour recovery service for pets identified with a microchip. The stored information relating to each registered microchip number is maintained on a database in the greater Dublin area and this information, which will include the address and contact phone numbers of the owner, will be provided to pre-approved organisations engaged in efforts to locate the owners of lost or injured animals. Examples of approved organisations are Veterinary Surgeries, Welfare Organisations and Local Authority Pounds.

All animals are eligible for registration with regardless of the microchip brand which has been implanted, or where in the world the implantation took place. Prior to asking your veterinary surgeon to microchip your animal, you should ensure that the registration of the microchip and your details will be registered with Many microchip suppliers in Ireland have agreements in place with which mean that the cost of registration is already covered, you do not need to worry about paying. The database stores well over one hundred thousand microchip numbers and although dogs make up the majority of the database, many cats, horses, birds, and other companion and exotic animals are also enrolled. is actively building strong relationships with animal welfare organisations, local authorities and veterinary surgeons to ensure that it is the main reference point for the recovery of lost pets. continues to develop key relationships with individuals and organizations in the animal welfare and recovery fields. We invite those new to to read through the web site and join us in our ongoing efforts in animal recovery in one of the following ways:

  • If you are a pet owner, request that your details are registered with Microchips previously registered on alternative databases can still be registered with, ensuring optimum chances of re-unification.
  • If you are a veterinarian, offer your clients the very best in recovery databases and register all your microchips with
  • If you are a shelter, humane society or rescue group, please contact us for organisation status approval ensuring that if you find a lost animal, we will be able to assist you.

Privacy and Security

Data collected via is subject to data protection regulations, including the GDPR. You can read more about this on our dedicated Data Protection page.

Here's a quick summary: The data provided to shall not be used for any other purpose other than the return of lost pets, or for purposes where the provider of such information has freely given consent for its use. Information provided to for the sole purpose of the return of lost pets shall not be shared with third parties except for this purpose. Information provided to where permission has been given to share the information with a responsible third party shall only be shared with that third party for the purpose indicated to the provider of the information. Access to the information held by is limited to the information owners, the staff of, those acting directly on behalf of and any legal authority demonstrating a right of access.

The Recovery Process

Anyone who finds a stray or abandoned animal should contact their local veterinarian, local authority or welfare organisation. Upon presentation of the animal to these organisations, the animal will be scanned to check for the presence of a microchip. If a microchip number is located, the operative will contact, and the stored information relating to that microchip number will be relayed to that operative. This retrieval service is available to approved organisations on a 24 hour basis and can be done via the Web or by phoning our 24/7 reunification call centre.

In the event that the owner is not contactable, the information relating to a third party contact will be divulged to the operative to ensure the re-unification of the animal. This is why it is very important for you to to keep your details stored with up to date. If you are going on holidays you can simply log in and change your contact details for the duration of your holiday, if telephone numbers change, especially mobile numbers, let us know and if you move house, don't forget to get your details changed.

In the unfortunate event that your pet should die, we would ask that you notify us via this website by adding "deceased" to the medical details or (in the case of certified dogs) use the owner PIN to log in and select "Edit Details".

Keeping the Fido database up to date will greatly assist the rescue/recovery services in their work.

The Web Site

The web site is constantly being improved. As many users of the site are not necessarily familiar with the complexities of computer usage, we aim to keep the site as simple as possible while offering an excellent service. We are conscious of security concerns so the Web site uses the latest security mechanisms. We recommend that you use the most recent Web browsers (which are free) in order to benefit from the latest security improvements and to get the full benefit of the site's interactivity. Any browser released in the past year or two will be fine, and you should regularly use your browser's built-in update feature. Older browsers with poor support for scripts and styles may struggle to work with many modern Web sites, including The site works on the latest HTML5-enabled phones and tablets but screen sizes will affect usability. If you have suggestions for improvements, please let us know.

The information presented to users is limited to information associated with the owners of animals, and no information will be divulged without proper authorisation. In the event of a lost animal being found, the service (through approved registered organisations) will enable the owner to be contacted. Owners are requested to ensure their contact information is up to date.

Pet Insurance

Did you know that a microchipped pet is entitled to a reduced insurance premium with Allianz Direct and PetPlan?

Contacts for business matters, suggestions, complaints etc.

If your organisation or group would like a link to their Web page from, please contact us by email at:

or at the following postal address:
P.O.Box 484,
Co. Kildare.

If your organisation or company would like to advertise on this Web site please contact:
The Sales Department,,
P.O.Box 484,
Co. Kildare.

If you or your company have any comments or queries, please direct them to:
Administration Section,,
P.O.Box 484,
Co. Kildare.

If you or your company have any technical queries, please direct them to:
Information Technology Section,,
P.O.Box 484,
Co. Kildare.

If you are a vet or veterinary nurse who is registered to use the Fido Portal, you can contact the Help Desk by email or by post:
Portal Help Desk,,
P.O.Box 484,
Co. Kildare.

Disclaimer of Liability is designed to facilitate the recovery of lost animals by providing finders of lost animals with information about the animal's owner. is an information service only and disclaims any further responsibilities or obligations, including but not limited to, any loss, damage, claim or liability concerning the accuracy of information as contained on the database, the return of the animal, the condition of the animal, or use of information about the animal or animal owner communicated by to any party.

The animal's owner shall be the sole party responsible for ensuring that information stored by is current and accurate. It is the animal owner's responsibility to notify of any change in this information. In the case of dogs, it is the dog owner's legal responsibility to ensure that the database maintained by has the correct information (as evidenced by the official Certificate issued by, and the owner is expected to pay any reasonable fee associated with the revision of such data and the issuance of a revised Certificate.

The animal owner acknowledges and agrees that registration of their details with is not a guarantee that the enrolled animal will be returned to the animal owner. does not warrant or guarantee the condition of any lost animal. The animal's owner is the sole party responsible for arranging for the return of the lost animal. hereby disclaims any liability for inaccurate or negligent use of the information contained on the database, by any third party, including but not limited to, any party to whom delivers the information.



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